How to lower community pharmacy costs

Increase community pharmacy profitability

The three stages of getting your business back on track.


This first stage, performed by our staff, to lower your costs, is to digitise your existing GPhC and CPAF pharmacy workflow. We do this by offloading your mandatory governance workload onto our cloud and remote team. Our team will digitise your requirements using the following tools:

All of these tools, handled by the Voyager Medical Pharmacist Team, have been created in an easy to use format so you have ultimate control over your business. We call the tools, listed above the "Digital Back Office" and are almost identical to the tools that one would find behind the scenes of a large multiple. Have a look at Mike Bereza talking to Ash Soni (President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society) about the new system:

The set up of these tools is free and guaranteed. In the next stage, we look at how we can:


Increase your pharmacy profitability


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