Pharmacist Revalidation

Our Free Staff CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Tool works for not just for regular pharmacist revalidation but for whole pharmacy team including:

  • Pharmacist Prescribers
  • Pre-registration Pharmacists
  • Superintendent Pharmacists
  • Technicians
  • Pharmacy Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Prescribers
  • Drivers

As a manager, you can check which PGDs have been allocated and which have been passed for each staff member.

PGD Progress Tracker


Similarly, for all staff, you can see which training courses have been allocated and which have been passed.

Training Tracker

Pharmacy Staff Training Tracker

We have partnered with some of the industries leading training providers to offer a wide range of accredited courses which are accessible on any device, these include:

  • Fire Safety Warden - any organisation which employs more than 5 poeple must have a trained Fire Safety Warden on site.
  • Online Doctor Training - helps staff understand and get the most out of remote prescribing services.
  • Information Governance Course - helps with staff compliance with SOPs.
  • Pharmacist Error Reduction Course - show real life examples of errors in pharmacy and how to minimise them, great to use with our clinical govenrance pharmacy error log!
  • Pharmacy Cross Platform Accreditation - CPD Certificate on how to use the different PMR systems in pharmacy.
  • Pre-registration Exam - video course, access to over 2,000 mock GPhC Exam questions.
  • Revenue Booster - teaches management staff about private services and commissioning.
  • Pharmacist Sign Language - CPD Certificate in BLS.

Pharmacist Revalidation Tools

It is important for pharmacists to use an external (other than the GPhC CPD Tool) CPD recording system, as after two years, due to EU data protection laws the GPhC will delete any gphc cpd data entered on the mygphc website, i.e. all you documented learning will be destroyed. 

Our revalidation tool has been created to meet the new GPhC requirement for "good" planned (minimum of 2) and unplanned CPD. The tool can record what you want to learn and the relevance of this learning to your practice and then follows your learning by tracking how you utilised it in practice using a combination of our clinic governance logs and self entry. After the entry has been created, the system lets you reflect at a later date where you can go back to your CPD entries and make any amendments and tick which of the 9 GPhC standards you are meeting before submission to the GPhC.

Pharmacist Revalidation

The Science.

It has been proven that peer review and meetings between professionals vastly increase the efficacy of CPD. In a recent Cochrane meta analysis it was found that:

"higher attendance at the meetings was associated with greater effects, that mixed interactive and didactic education was more effective than either alone, and that the effects were less for more complex behaviours and less serious outcomes."1, 2

The Pharmacist Revalidation tool is absolutely free all you need to do is sign up for a free account. Free Trial


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