Digital Standard Operating Procedures

If you are a Superintendent or Pharmacy manager you will know about Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)! It seems they are endless. Every staff member needs to sign each document which is often 8 pages long and there can be over 100 of them!

A Story...

Digital SOPs

Mike works in an extremely busy pharmacy based in a GP's surgery. One day, at work a new shop assistant was starting and as the Superintendent he had the duty to present her with 120 SOPs to read and sign. The first day she was absorbed, did little work and managed to read and sign 30 of them. The following week the same, the week after the same, on the fith week Mike went to check whether she had signed all the documents, she hadnt. Mike marked each page with a post it note to ensure she signed the documents. On the sixth week Mike checked that she had at last correctly signed each document.

The next week she had to go back to college and she was never seen again.

A Solution...

Pharmacy SOPs

The story above is not uncommon. Due to the ever increasing governance requirements set out by the GPhC Five Principles and the CPAF, independent pharmacists are put at a disadvantage in comparison to multiples. Because of their economies of scale, the multiples have create their own IT infrastrcuture serving out SOPs electornically via email, there is no independent provider of such solutions to the wider market, until now.

Online Pharmacy SOPs

Using the Team Builder tool you can now send our in house 150+ SOP templates directly to your staff via email to be electornically signed. We also give you the option to use our template human resources templates aswell so that you can easily contract new staff. Below is a picture of the Superintendent files interface that we provide containing the SOPs. As you can see "Supply Specific Products" file is open and the various pharmacy SOPs are displayed which can either be edited, deleted or sent to the staff with the "Read Again Button".

Pharmacy SOPs

These digital pharmacy SOPs can be extremely useful when used in conjuction with our online Contolled Drugs registers as they direct the user in how to maintain the register and avoid error which ulimately allows the pharmacy owner to meet Information Governance and GPhC clinical requirements.


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