The serves digital solutions with the aim of reducing paper-based healthcare workload. The system has been created in collaboration with independent pharmacists, doctors and nurses who work in practice every day informing our digital health team to make tools to make their work life easier. The goal of the hubnet is to build these new solutions then disseminate them to the wider healthcare sector. Our time-saving solutions include:

Solutions we have made to increase organisation profitability include:

  • Travel Clinics - join 500+ pharmacy based travel clinics across the UK.
  • Influenza Clinics - our standard PGD package includes flu, meningitis, hepatitis B and pneumococcal vaccines.
  • Oral PGDs - all our PGDs are untethered meaning they can be used at any GPhC or CQC registered premises.
  • Diagnostics - Point of Care Testing: Strep A tests, HIV...
  • NHS Commissioning - we have been successful in aiding tenders for Occupational health, we show you how...
  • Distance Selling Application and Management System - we can digitise the entire operation and give you the digital tools to make it a success.

In addition to the above, we augment healthcare staff by giving them training which enables the business to become more profitable:

The goal in the creation of these tools is to increase the efficiency of your business by lowering operational costs, our pilot pharmacy has numerous benefits over a traditional brick and mortar pharmacy. In addition, we have reinvented how pharmacies traditionally promote themselves and created a new promotion system which reduces cost and increased footfall. Free Trial


Hubnet is an online pharmacy information system. We intend to provide healthcare professionals with an online ecosystem to allow for better communication between each other and their patients. Protected by law, the data you enter into this site remains your intellectual property and cannot be used by us. Our goal is to enable you to do more, if you like it you can subscribe for more!

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