Pharmacy Human Resources

Pharmacy Human Resources or Pharmacy HR is the process in which pharmacy organisations can hire staff to perform the functions of pharmacy.  Pharmacies internationally have used paper-based contracts for Human Resources, which entail finding a template pharmacy employment contract coupled with a job description.

Pharmacy Employment Contract

Click the following like to see a simple Pharmacy Employment Contract Template. Key points to address in every Employment contract include:

  • General statement of employee agreement - this should be about the fundamentals of the business.
  • Position - this should state in general terms what the position entails, a job description should also be enclosed with the contract to specify more precisely what is required.
  • Compensation - this is included to detail out the remuneration the employee should expect and when i.e. monthly or weekly payments.
  • Benefits - this is other than remuneration, this may be a pension plan or staff discount.
  • Probationary period - dependent on statutory requirements this could be a quarter or a month.
  • Termination - details out what period of notice is given to terminate the contract.
  • Non-competition and confidentiality - your staff during their employment will have access to information which when subsequently not employed by your firm may be potentially damaging. When writing this clause you need to ensure that it will not inhibit the employee's ability to earn a decent wage in the future.

Pharmacy Job Description

The reasoning behind separating a pharmacy team member Employment Contract from their Job Description is the latter is liable to change more frequently than the former. This is especially pertinent in today's pharmacy environment where new services are regularly being adopted. Example job descriptions include:

The best job descriptions give details as to what the Team Member should be expected to do. This may not go down to such minute detail as turning up for work on time, however, it may specify that you expect them to clean the pharmacy regularly and to update their training log on a regular basis.

Digital Pharmacy Human Resources

The provides a home for all of your Human Resources Contracts and Job descriptions, you can use the templates provided above or you can add your own. The system has been built to save you time and effort in coordinating multiple team members and provides you with one login so that you can monitor contracts and job descriptions. The system is centralised graphically into our Team Builder module which enables you to easily add new Team Members into the different locations and organisations under your control.

Pharmacy HR


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