This is the first ever community pharmacy VR training experience released on 1st September 2017. The video features Mike Bereza and Jignesh Patel, working at Douglas Pharmacy, Angel and RoPharm, Plaistow, London UK. The video was filmed in 2K on an LG 360, it took three days to film and 20 hours to edit by the team at Voyager Medical. The video shows an introduction to the technology by Mike, then gives a virtual tour of the consultation rooms at Douglas and RoPharm.

To make the most of this experience, we recommend you click the YouTube icon at the bottom right of the viewing screen and watch the video direct from YouTube. This way if you are watching on your phone you can switch into Google Cardboard mode, you can then watch this using any enabled headset, if you do not have one we can send you a HubNet.io branded headset for £15 + PP, just click the button below.


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