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A Quality Management System (QMS) refers to the centralised control of any quality and compliance process. The adoption of a QMS is a requirement of all UK-based healthcare regulators, most notably the GPhC, CQC and MHRA. On a global level, the WHO inspectorate and ISO auditors consider the use of a Pharmacy QMS as critical¹.

Before the ubiquity of the internet, quality management was performed on paper and as such poorly centralised. For instance, a community pharmacy organisation with two or more locations would often control quality using:

  • a training log
  • a clinical error book
  • a date checking book
  • a clinical governance folder
  • a physical controlled drugs register
  • a paper based customer satisfaction survey

However, since the establishment of the in 2015 these processes have been fully digitised. In the past 5 years, we have seen Hubnet users improve their regulatory compliance and patient safety whilst improving organisational efficiency. We have done this in five key ways:

  • By committing to our users that our work is never done. When users subscribe, they are not subscribing to a static website but a dynamic system, as the healthcare landscape changes so do we. To date, we have completed over 8,000 development tasks on our original programming.
  • Reducing users of audit time by use of real-time analytical tools.
  • Protection against medico-legal complications by improved audit findings and quicker corrective and preventive actions,
  • Improvement of product quality, safety and customer satisfaction by linking our internal apps with external patient facing apps.
  • Performance measurement
  • quality culture and creates an environment and a sense of belonging where the staff can take pride in their work.
  • management of documentation so that relevant documents

Lastly, our QMS sits within a fully functional Enterprise Resource Planning tool, so quality can be improved alongside human resource management.

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¹Quality Management System Requirements for National Inspectorates, Published July 2019, accessed on 1st February 2021 via:


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