New NHS commissioned pharmacy services

Voyager Medical strongly believes that community pharmacy has a strong future, putting aside Amazonification we are still the 3rd most loved shop on the high street serving patients face to face.


Community Pharmacy USP


As you can see from the UGov pharmacy poll above, patients love our service however due to tightening margins on the high street we still have a high relieance on the NHS to comission new pharmacy service. This page is dedicated to detailing out some of these newly comissioned services to help pharmacists potentially do the same.

Hospital IV treatment at home managed by a community pharmacist.

Lloyds Pharmacy - June 2018

Working with North Lincolnshire & Goole, Lloyds Pharmacy have developed a mixed model of homecare where patients can now go to a local LloydsPharmacy to receive hospital treatment that involves subcutaneous injection and intravenous treatments. This model enables us to use homecare nursing within local pharmacy to improve productivity, increase patient choice, and ultimately improve outcomes. We believe that local pharmacy and the pharmacist has a much wider role to play in future homecare and by the end of this year our ambition is to upskill our pharmacists to provide subcutaneous injection treatments to release further nursing capacity, so that they can provide more complex IV therapies. Read more...

PSNC Resources

Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention

Anticoagulant Monitoring Service


Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

Blood-Borne Virus Screening


Care Home (Support and Advice on Storage, Supply and Administration of Drugs and Appliances)

Carers (including Carer-Friendly Pharmacies)

Chlamydia Screening and Treatment

Coeliac Disease – please also see Gluten Free Food Supply

Condom distribution ‘C-Card’ schemes

Community Equipment Services




Domiciliary Support – please also see Post Discharge and Reablement

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Emergency Supply (at NHS Expense)

Falls Prevention

Gluten Free Food Supply – please also see Coeliac Disease

Healthy Start Vitamins


Independent Prescribing by Pharmacists

Joint working with GPs

Long-Term Condition Management

Medication Review (Full Clinical Review)

Medicines Assessment and Compliance Support

Medicines Optimisation (Including MUR Related Services)

Mental Health

Minor Ailment Service

Needle and Syringe Programmes

NHS Health Check (Vascular risk assessment and management service)

On Demand Availability of Specialist Drugs (Availability of Palliative Care or other Specialist Medicines)

Out of Hours (Access to Medicines)

Patient Group Directions

Post Discharge and Reablement – please also see Domiciliary Support

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination

Sharps Disposal Service

Social Prescribing

Stop Smoking

Supervised Administration (Consumption of Prescribed Medicines)

Supplementary Prescribing by Pharmacists

Tuberculosis (TB)

Urgent Care/NHS 111

Vaccination Services

Vulnerable Patients

Weight Management Service

Winter Ailments


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