How we promote you

We have partnered with a number of organisations to aid you in promoting your business to patients.


Voyager Health

The first of which is our in house Voyager Health website, which applies a free online doctor to your business and then promotes it on a dedicated patient website.

Voyager Health, we list you for free!

We funnel traffic via Google Adwords to the Voyager Health website. The patient types in their postcode and finds their nearest pharmacy, they can then select a variety of 40 different treatments and have the medicine dispensed at your pharmacy for £5. You then can add your own margin to the medicine and sell it to the patient.



A leading, pharmacy specific web development firm. has worked closely with them to integrate our technology into their websites.

Best community pharmacy website an example our multidevice enabled websites.

They have lots of satisfied customers, just have a look at:


Pharmacy Mentor

Pharmacy Mentor is the leader in community pharmacy active promotion, their service utilises Digital Marketing to its fullest to pull business from the web to your door.

Travel clinic marketing

Pharmacy service marketing.

With a proven track record, the Pharmacy Mentor has consistently brought business to our community pharmacies within the network. Whether you run an influenza clinic, emergency hormonal contraceptives service or any other provision the Pharmacy Mentor has a marketing solution for you. Free Trial


Hubnet is an online pharmacy information system. We intend to provide healthcare professionals with an online ecosystem to allow for better communication between each other and their patients. Protected by law, the data you enter into this site remains your intellectual property and cannot be used by us. Our goal is to enable you to do more, if you like it you can subscribe for more!

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