Cross Platform Accreditation

The Cross-platform Accreditation is a course created by PharmacyCPA and hosted on the The course which contains videos, lectures, and webinars followed by a competency exam intended to teach pharmacists how to use the various PMR computer systems which are commonly present in community pharmacies across the UK. A list of the community pharmacy PMR systems we cover include:

  • EMIS Health - previously called ProScript
  • Pharmacy Manager - Cegedim Rx
  • Analyst - Positive Solutions
  • RxWeb - Clan Williams

Pharmacist locums, often find it difficult to understand new PMR systems, this course intends to certify their competence before attending a new work placement. This course has gone through numerous updates including its most recent iteration utilising the skills our Voyager Locum team working within the Pharmacy Digital Board on behalf of Voyager Medical (a UK government approved FMD systems supplier).

If you would like to access this course you will need to sign up for a free account on the if you have not got one already just follow this link.


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