Controlled Drug Register Template

The best place to find information about CD Register requirements is this NICE Guidance. The guidance details out the requirements of recording Controlled Drugs supply and acceptance. We have created you CD register template on the basis of these recommendations a picture of which can be seen below:

CD Register Example


We have tried and tested this in our pilot pharmacy, you can download the PDF using the link below.

As you will see the register meets all of the requirements set out in the medicines act, including the recording of:

(i) Date supply received;
(ii) name and address from whom received;
(iii) Quantity received.

(e) The headings in respect of entries made for drugs supplied are—

(i) Date supplied;
(ii) Name/Address of person or firm supplied;
(iii) Details of authority to possess— prescriber or licence holder’s details;
(iv) Quantity supplied;
(v) Person collecting Schedule 2 controlled drug (patient/patient’s rep/healthcare professional) and if healthcare professional, name and address;
(vi) Was proof of identity requested of patient/patient’s rep (Yes/No);
(vii) Was proof of identity of person collecting provided (Yes/No).

Keep in mind it is a legal requirement for the register to be bound as a book (it cannot be loose leaf) or kept online.

Lowest cost bound book CD register

We have created an extremely low cost CD register for you to use:

Each book is TWICE the size of the nearest competitor and the same price! If you want to have a look at the ergonomic format just have a look above at our template.

Online Controlled Drugs Register

If you are looking for an accurate, low cost electronic version of this CD register our Digital Back Office contains one of the best on the market.


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