PGD Price Comparison

The pricing strategy for PGD services from a clinic or pharmacy varies from location to location. Voyager Medical suggests that healthcare professionals marketing such a service should create a bespoke price list based upon the following:
  • The need for the service in that location - is there an equivalent private doctor service nearby or a rival pharmacy? How much do they charge? Do they openly publicize their price list? If you find that there is no one in your area offering a similar service and you are not familiar with your are have a look at the 2011 census data. This free online tool can give you a breakdown of the demographic in your area. For instance, if you are starting a Meningitis clinic which would service Muslims for Hajj and Umrah you can select the appropriate fields and see where the population is most dense...
  • Common pricing strategy - amongst our members the rule is to not undersell your service, remember you are providing the patient with a pharmaceutical service which should be priced accordingly. Many medicines such as sildenafil can be bought wholesale for little to nothing, pricing a 70% margin on such items would lead to an RRP likely to be less than a pack of sweets. We recommend having a minimum charge say £10 per transaction if the wholesale price is above this then use the 70% rule.
  • Compare to similar online services - have a look at what the various doctor websites charge, here is an example of a price comparison:
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    arge? As our pilot pharmacy is extremely busy with private services we delegate as many PGD services to our online doctor system as possible. Our system charges 5 for the consult and then the price of the medicine is sent to you every quarter. The online doctor is free of charge to implement, if you are interested have a look at this video of Ash Soni setting his online doctor up.

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