GPhC DSP Pharmacy Website Requirements

From the latest GPhC application documentation, the website of a Distance Selling Pharmacy (DSP) must contain the following...

6.1 Have you applied, or been approved by the MHRA, to display the distance selling logo on the website? 

This is now not applicable since Brexit, however, it is thought it will return as a requirement in the future.

6.2 Does the website prominently display:

a) your name as the owner of the registered pharmacy

This can be the name of the Limited company or Sole Trader that owns and is responsible for the content on the site.

b) the name of the superintendent pharmacist (if applicable) and their registration number 

If the company is classified on Companies House as a Sole Trader a Superintendent is not required.

c) the name and address of the pharmacy or pharmacies that supply the medicines

This is the location that has been inspected by the GPhC and certified as a pharmacy.

d) the pharmacy's GPhC registration number

This is opposed to the Pharmacists registration number, this number usually begins with a 1.

e) the phone number and email address of the pharmacy

The phone number should be clearly displayed, the email address can be via the use of a contact us form.

f) details of other pharmacies that may be involved in the labelling and assembling if different to the pharmacy that makes the supply 

Some DSPs repackage their medicines, in this case, the organisation doing the repackaging would need to be listed on the site, potentially within the Terms and Conditions of use.

g) information about how to check the registration status of the pharmacy and the superintendent pharmacist if you have one

All pharmacy registrations in the UK can be checked via the GPhC's website: 

h) your terms and conditions

This is a standard for any website offering a service to its users.

i) ways to give feedback and your complaints procedure

The provides this service within our standard subscription, you can embed a Patient Satisfaction Survey which is similar to what the NHS uses (CPPQ).


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