Distance Selling Pharmacy Profitability

Many of our clients ask us before setting up an online GPhC Distance Selling Pharmacy about the return on investment (ROI) they can expect after starting one up. Our response to this is it is dependent on what type of business the DSP is looking to specialise in, the most common model of operation includes the ability to disepnse private prescriptions however many newer models have emerged add on the following functionality:

  • Low risk, limited, algorithmic prescribing formulary.
  • Higher risk, expanded algorithmic prescribing formulary.
  • Open non-algorithmic prescribing telephone consultations.
  • Open non-algorithmic prescribing video consultations.

Dependent on the model that the DSP chooses from above, the ROI one can expect varies depending on many factors. If you would like more information concerning the ROI of online pharmacies. Please get in contact.



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