Distance Selling Pharmacy Flu Vaccine Provision

NHS licensed, distance selling pharmacies are prohibited from providing face to face Essential services this includes:

  • Dispensing Medicines
  • Dispensing Appliances
  • Repeat Dispensing
  • Discharge Medicines
  • Signposting
  • Disposal of Unwanted Medicines
However, NHS licensed DSPs can provide Advanced and Enhanced services face to face with patients, this includes:
  • Consultation Service (CPCS)
  • Hepatitis C Testing Service
  • New Medicine Service (NMS)
  • Flu Vaccination Service
  • Appliance Use Reviews (AUR)
  • C-19 lateral flow device distribution service
  • Pandemic Delivery Service
  • Stoma Appliance Customisation (SAC)

As some of these services require a confidential space within the pharmacy a consultation room would be required unless it is the intention of the pharmacy to offer these services remotely.



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